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Every March, millions of people fill out millions of 64-team basketball brackets on a quest for perfection, glory, and beating the self proclaimed basketball experts in their office pool. Surely there must be a formula for success: that’s where we come in. offers any man, woman, child, or person who can use the internet the opportunity to custom-make a formula YOU think will predict the winners of the most basketball games.

  • Choose from fun and serious statistical categories
  • Weigh them based on importance
  • Test your formula against previous years
  • Prepare for bracket-predicting glory!

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We found some formulas that we want to share with you. 

*Warning, when you select these formulas, they will be loaded into the formula editor, overwriting any formula you were working on.


Several years ago, a couple of nerdy high school students were sitting in biology class discussing how they could create a bracket that would top the efforts of their basketball-loving friends. Numbers and statistics were thrown around until a formula for success was scratched out on the desk. Much effort in calculating and spreadsheet-creating later, this formula correctly predicted most of the tournament games and topped the efforts of the competing basketball buffs.

One of the boy’s father saw their effort and got an idea: what if there was an application to help anyone create a similar formula? Thus, was born. Now it is possible to weigh the value of traditional and unconventional measures of basketball success, just like the boys did – but with everything you need all in one place!


Every bracket formula you create will be scored to measure its success against your others. Based on the scoring method of most bracket pools, each round is worth the same amount of points. This means that each correctly predicted game in the next round is worth double the amount of points as the previous round. So:

First round: 2 points/game

Second round: 4 points/game

Round of 16: 8 points/game

Round of 8: 16 points/game

Semifinals: 32 points/game

Finals: 64 points/game

Champion: 128 points

(play-in games are worth one point apiece)

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